Click Team is a young and innovative startup company that has invented probably the world’s best skill-based gambling game. ClickJackpot is fast and engaging, patent pending, one-click millionaire game that has with its first Beta version reached well over 10 Million clicks in just a few weeks.
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Click Team OÜ (14406852)
Liivalaia tn 33, Harju maakond
10118 Tallinn, Estonia

Partner Panu Mäki
Partner Matti Vilola



ClickJackpot – One Click Millionaire Game – Beta has been launched and is now available for everyone. Use your SPH coins starting from 0.01 SPH bet, and win up to 100,000,000 SPH as a grand jackpot with 1.00 SPH wager. Click to play. Play to win!

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Our products


ClickJackpot – The One Click Millionaire game – offers a unique gaming experience filled with traditional gambling elements of skill and added with various online and mobile social gaming characteristics.

The game is played with an exclusive cryptocurrency – Sapphire Coin (SPH).

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Tailored game

Get your own white-labeled and customized click.

Let your users play with the currency of your choice our unique one-click skill game integrated with your online casino. Play with any currency or token.

This is our licensing-model business.

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The exciting way for activating your fans and raising funds!

Use the game to engage your fans and community in the event and pre/post event. Sell clicks and raise funds. Let people to win tickets, merchandises, rewards of your choice.

We share the revenues with you.

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